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APCS Belts is a full service conveyor belt supply and service company located in West Chester Pennsylvania specializing in belts for crushing and screening equipment Our facility is centrally located to the aggregate asphalt cement landscaping quarry and recycling industries that we serve throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding areas

Cleated Conveyor Belts Americas < Steep Incline Conveyor

Cleated Conveyor Belts However Ultra Shift II s inward slant of the cleats helps to keep product centrally located on the belt Cleat Height 1/2 in Master Grip Suitable for aggregate sand and gravel applications Common use is stone flinger belt Cleat Height 3/8 in

Alligator Conveyor Belt Lacing Fastener System

ALLIGATOR Belt Lacing System Conveyor Belt Lacing For flat conveyor belts from 12 300 mm to 60 1500 mm wide and for belts 1/32 to ½ 8 to 13 mm thick use conveyor belt lacing sized No 00 to No 65 Alligator Conveyor Belt Lacing is available in steel or stainless steel with corrugated hinge pins furnished as standard

Custom Conveyor Belt Catalog

Cleats are hot molded into the belt surface not cold bonded or cemented on Smooth merging of cleat and belt cover for easy cleaning Cleats can be molded to the belt surface on any center to fit a wide variety of applications Cleats come in heights from 1/2″ to 5″ Beefy Cleats to 6″


#375 Bolt On R5 Rivet 1/4 high x 3/8 wide x 6 overall width molded chevron cleats running the full width of the belt Designed to run on pan conveyors and metal beds Very popular in recycling and wood products applications

Conveyor Belts with Flights or Cleats Fitting Techbelt

Flight cleats are usually high frequency welded to the belt surface making this a permanent bond which is essentially a part of the belt Conveyor Belts With Flights Options In addition to the above side walls can be added down both edges of the belt to prevent product from falling off the edge of a belt on on to the machine of the floor

Cleated Conveyor Belt

Special Patterned Conveyor Belt Cleated Conveyor Belt Cleats are designed with proper rigidity to preclude excess backward bending due to gravitational force exerted by the material loaded in the cleats By seeing critical application we have modified our all type of cleats with Synthetic fabric reinforcement to avoid tearing due to

TR3 Series

The TR3 Series conveyor is designed to move materials from one to another The TR3 Series is used mainly for boxes containers bags and sacks If you need to move bulky objects either small or large from one story to another these belt conveyors are the material movers that you need Flat top belt with 4 tall bolt on paddle cleats

Conveyor Belt with Cleats

04 03 2011  Conveyor Belt with Cleats Our belt has cleats that are two inches high on 24 centers I have created the outline of the belt following the Idler Pulley Return Roller path and extruded so I have a regular flat belt how would I go about adding cleats

Conveyor Belt Fastener Systems

Conveyor Belt Fastener Systems September 2008 2 flexco phone 1 630 971 0150 PRODUCT HANDBOOK Table of Contents Flexco Bolt Hinged Fastening System Overview TATCH A CleAT belT CleATS

Bolt A Cleat

Just change the cleats on your belt Bolt A Cleat mechanical cleat attachments Bolt A Cleat feasibility table Tooth profile Thread Belt width mm T10 M3 50150 AT10 M4 12150 H M4 ½4 inch T20 M6 50150 AT20 M8 50150 Benefits Easy to change to a different cleat shape The narrow cleat base allows for small pulley diameters

Cleated Belt Conveyors

Cleated Belt Conveyors Handle various parts up an incline with an economical Titan parts conveyor The parts conveyors can be supplied with different cleat heights and spacing to suit your application Belt widths can be ordered from 4 wide to 48 wide

3200 Series Cleated Belt

2″ 51 mm minimum cleat spacing 1 62″ 41 mm of belt take up on conveyors up to 20′ long 3 24″ 82 mm of belt take up on conveyors over 20′ long 3″ 76 mm diameter drive pulley turns approximately 9 7″ 246 mm of belt per revolution

cleated incline conveyor belt Monster belting

Cleated conveyor belt applications Incline decline conveyors recycling food processing wood products abusive applications wet and/or loose material unique applications Cleats can be molded to the belt surface on any center to fit a wide variety of applications Cleats come in height from 1/2″ to 5″ Beefy cleats to 6″

Cleating On Dunham Rubber Belting Corp

Dunham Rubber Belting Corporation 682 Commerce Parkway West Drive Greenwood IN 46143 Toll Free 800 876 5340 Tel 317 888 3002 Fax 317 888 2335 Email mail


BS144#144 Beltservice 2 Ply 150 1/16 x Bare Mini Cleat Top Conveyor Belt by Beltservice 10 00 USD SKU 144 Beltservice 10 00 IS FOR A PRODUCT SAMPLE or REQUEST A FREE BELT ASSEMBLY QUOTE Use Add to cart to purchase a sample piece of belting which will put a 10 credit on your account if you decide to order your belt

Custom Made Conveyor Belting

Conveyor Belts Made to Order Habasit Apache Ammeraal Chiorino Nitta Forbo and more High temp belts Nylon Core Belting Round Urethane Belting Heat Tunnel

6 Types of Most Common Conveyor Belt Accessories

Conveyor belt cleat is a common conveyor belt accessory It is used to transport materials on inclined conveyor belts and provide uniform spacing between materials Standard cleats are made of PVC It has a variety of styles and can be customized according to customer needs

How cleated belting can improve the bottom line for recyclers

11 08 2021  Conveyors running with a cleated belt can often convey material 25 percent faster and achieve steeper angles when compared to standard pattern options like chevron and crescent Using a cleated belt you could also lessen the roll back that you experience with a low profile pattern belt Cleats hold the material and help maintain forward momentum

8 Basic Types of Conveyor Belts and Their Applications

Cleated belt conveyors feature vertical cleats or barriers in their designs These cleats can keep loose materials secure during inclines and declines to provide consistent spacing between items and more Furthermore cleats come in different shapes

reinforced cleats conveyor belts

10 04 2015  reinforced cleats conveyor belts 1 BinQ Mining Equipment reinforced cleats conveyor belts Tyres Conveyor Belts Manufacturers installation of conveyor belts conveyor belts manufacturers indonesia mines conveyor belts recycling Conveyor Belts For Iron Ore Plant how to use conveyor belts

Used Cleated Belt Conveyor Systems

Cleated belt conveyors are ideal for moving small or delicate parts between different levels in a tight warehouse environment Cleated belt conveyors are similar to trash conveyors and the only major difference is the cleats included on the belt This allows for it to handle steeper inclines and declines without risk of the product losing position on the conveyor

Elevator Conveyor Belts

Elevator belts can be reinforced with steel fabric or with woven polyester and polyamide plies as heavy loads and significant lift heights require an extremely strong belt construction We can supply belts with bolt holes for elevator buckets providing a high quality

Steep Angle Belting

Pocket type belting with sidewalls and cleats for steep incline conveying up to 90 degrees Top quality rubber sidewalls up to 400mm high and T C and TC cleats up to 360mm cross stabilized base belt gives maximum conveying performance Chevron belts have integrally moulded cleats

AutoKinetics Model 55 Conveyor Belt Systems

Machined Bolt On Components Aluminum anodized conveyor components machined to provide high quality long lasting hassle free service Crowned Pulleys Precision machined 50mm diameter pulleys allow for easy belt tracking View Custom Conveyor System Applications Model 55 Belt Conveyor


dedicated Textile conveyor belt plant alongwith specialized endless machine belts First Sidewall and Cleated Conveyor Belt manufactured suitable for inclines upto 90º Set up of Cheyyar Plant with 6 00 000sqft built up area manufacturing textile Conveyors Belts and for the first time Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belt cleats

Shanghai Yoube Automation Technology Co Ltd offers a variety of conveyor belt cleats styles each style is intended to serve a specific purpose Our standard cleats include T cleats C cleats and footless cleats height from 10mm 20mm 30mm to 110mm made of high quality PVC or TPU material standard hardness from 60ShA to 95ShA

INO Process Conveyor Belts Cleats

Maximum belt width 1 000 mm for wider belts a double weld must be made Minimum belt length 1 500 mm At minimum pulley diameter both the profile and the belt must be taken into consideration Always the higher value counts Only cleats made of thermoplastics can be applied using high frequency welding machines

Conveyor Belts Cleats

Cleats for conveyor belts aid to traction loose materials as well as packed material and prevent the slippage of the roving product effectively which has made it righteous selection to ensure no product waste We as a manufacturer of Cleats for conveyor belts boast an extensive range of the conveyor belts which can be tailored as per technical demands of the working surroundings and product


Cleated Belts Cleats also called carriers can be added to flat belting in order to separate or support products especially in incline decline applications Cleats are available on all U style belts except the U3 Standard cleat styles and sizes are shown below which are those most commonly used Cleat heights other than those listed here

Cleated Conveyor Units

Cleated conveyors are used for separating products especially in incline and decline applications Cleats are available on all U1 U2 and U4 style belts Standard cleat styles are shown below

Conveyor Belt flights and cleats

Flights and Cleats Flights sometimes called risers or cleats are raised walls running the width or part width of the belt and spaced at regular intervals along the belt Their usual purpose is on inclined conveyors to help lift the product up the incline and to

Anker fasteners

Conveyor Belt Products Mechanical fastener systems Belt maintenance tools Lacers and accessories Tatch a Cleat belt cleats Novitool Aero Mobiele laspers Belt cleaners Transfer plates Pneumatics Thread fittings Ball valves Air hose PAPU FILTERS REDUCERS LUBRICATORS Control and regulation devices Push on coupler Push In

Standard Belt Conveyor Worksheet

Standard Belt Conveyor Worksheet Conveyor Length Horizontal Length Infeed Hopper Vulcanized Cleats Std on L D Bolt Together 10 ga Bolt Together 7 ga Welded 7 ga Bolt

V Cleat Rubber Conveyor Belt


Profiles and Cleats

Provincial Rubber stock a wide range of specialist Profiles and Cleats We have 50 years plus experience in supplying fixing conveyor belts stock a wide range of belts cleats